Divine Vision

This is the last artwork I completed last year. It’s losely based on descriptions of Ophanim in the Bible. I imagine riding this one like a motorcycle.

Happy New Year! May divine vision shine upon you!Divine Vision


Bran’s Crown

Good morning internet!

Bran's Crown

Bran’s Crown

I’m sharing this art card I recently finished, fan art of Bran Stark from Game of Thrones. I have a few other things that are complete but I actually can’t share yet (like four or five ugghhhh lol).  2017 is going to be full of good good things! And some terrible, I’m sure, but you roll with it.

Also like to point folks to my Facebook page where I post sketches and other fun little things. Thanks for looking!

Sketchfest Black Friday ACEO Sale

21139_erika_ceasgHello People!!! Hope everyone is really full of food. It is the next day and I’m still stuffed. And I am thankful as HELL SON.

Ellen is running a Black Friday sale for Sketchfest ACEOs. I have some work on pages 3, 5, 6 and 8, and there’s a ton of awesome art by my artists friends that also participate in the monthly sketchfests. I know I’m going to wind up getting a few stocking stuffers myself!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to binge on left overs… Because it’s time to eat.


Last Snow

Last SnowHere’s another bit of work from last year.

There are two years on the signature because I originally sketched it in college, 2008. Back then it was called “Pray for Snow.”

i found it while cleaning out some old art stuff, and felt I could rework it, and it turned out having a sadder mood. Probably a reflection of how ridiculous life was when I found it!

Guested on Geek Lounge, and a Harpy

Long time no see. 2015 finally stopped stepping on my neck, and I’ve really been having a much better year in 2016. Kind of laid off a lot of my non-job endeavors to recharge from the year before.

I had the pleasure of guesting on the Geek Lounge podcast. Which can be found below. It’s always inspiring to hang out with my friends in games, science fiction and fantasy.

Geek Lounge: Episode 4
Geek Galaxy Site

I realized there were some pieces from last year I hadn’t shared. So here is the Habsburg Harpy. A gift for friend Vatenkeist to put on his ship sail in Arche Age, when our circle was actually playing it. There are a few more… I come and go in cycles.

Warning: Mythological Lady Nudity Below the Cut!!

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Getting back in the Saddle

2015-SFMay-unimushGood morning!

2015’s start was not good to me, in all honesty. I had several health related curve balls that stole my energy and my time for about three months. Some of that is still lingering now, but I’m making the adjustments to deal and keep going. It’s time to resume work on comics, illustrations, and all around bad assness.

The picture of the Unicorn and the board with several more drawings is what I was able to get done for the last Sketchfest (most are for sale until the next sketchfest). I’m happy I was able to participate, and do, you know, more than ONE drawing. The catch is that they’re very small, and colored mostly with highlighters. Working with what’s available, when it’s available.

2015MaySFJust wanted to get a post in this month, showing I’m no longer stagnating. I’m still pushing, I’m still making stuff, and I’m still trying to get my dreams what they need to become real. It just takes time and energy I’ve not had lately.

Etsy still has items up for sale. One of my initial New Year’s resolutions was to add monthly to this shop, but you know what they say about plans and gods. The shop is due for a major refresh, especially with all the crochet I was able to do since January. When I get around to it, there will surely be a huge update.

Thanks for looking. Thanks for reading. And cheers!

New Stuff, but from Last Year… also Boobs

I have two new pieces in the illustration bank from last year. Check ’em out. They’ve been added to the Illustration portfolio:

2014 Zinc Plays Bioshock Infinite

Zinc Plays Bioshock Infinite: An illustration for Let’s Play Videos by Zinchammer. The first complete Let’s Play: Bioshock Ininfinte.

2014 Coyolxauhqui

The Aztec Moon Goddess, Coyolxauhqui. I’m fascinated with ancient ways of all kinds, but Coyol engages me like no other. She was dismembered by her brother. Warriors are sacrificed the same way she was. She is a strong moon goddess. Though tragic, her dismemberment is an important symbol of cycles.




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Into the year 2015


Mermeia, the original holographic WOW

I’m quite happy 2014 is over. A lot of good things happened, but so did some bad, and I’m pleased to put a few of the events behind me. Even so, 2015 has been quick to show me it’s not going to be an easy year either.

As part of my new year rituals, I did winter cleaning, I threw down for a brand new computer (and what a BEAST it is!). I restocked my Etsy store and posted some items on eBay to assist with turning unused items into a resource. I’m also trying to use up supplies I never utilized, and turn stagnation into art.

The pic at the top of this post is a marker painting I did around Christmas, while I was feeling festive. The character is Mermeia. She is the bewildering holographic fantasy in the Star Wars Holiday Special – a truly horrible movie I will love forever because of the Rifftrax cover. Happy Life Day!

Kickstarter: Fantasy Coloring Books (So Called) Adults

fa0393bb6b91fafc0acceb498343c248_largeEllen Million is running a Kickstarter campaign for coloring books, of which I have a few pieces in. I’m actually on the cover of Fishpond Fantasies, which is the new mermaid theme coloring book.

Fantasy Coloring Books for (so-called) Grown-ups is a growing suite of highly detailed coloring books intended for adults to enjoy. Ellen’s been publishing these for a long time, and they’re all very cool stuff. Check it out and fund a stretch goal!





The first pages of the web comic Bunnyhead are trickling out. Go give it a look. It’s about a lost Lost Boy, that’s now more of a man child, that fights zombies and werewolves while enjoying showtunes on his way to find Wendy Darling. It’s something else, and I’ve loved working on it!


Written by Cillian Cubstead, drawn by myself Erika Harm, colored by Josh Lee and lettered by Chris Peterson.