Getting back in the Saddle

2015-SFMay-unimushGood morning!

2015’s start was not good to me, in all honesty. I had several health related curve balls that stole my energy and my time for about three months. Some of that is still lingering now, but I’m making the adjustments to deal and keep going. It’s time to resume work on comics, illustrations, and all around bad assness.

The picture of the Unicorn and the board with several more drawings is what I was able to get done for the last Sketchfest (most are for sale until the next sketchfest). I’m happy I was able to participate, and do, you know, more than ONE drawing. The catch is that they’re very small, and colored mostly with highlighters. Working with what’s available, when it’s available.

2015MaySFJust wanted to get a post in this month, showing I’m no longer stagnating. I’m still pushing, I’m still making stuff, and I’m still trying to get my dreams what they need to become real. It just takes time and energy I’ve not had lately.

Etsy still has items up for sale. One of my initial New Year’s resolutions was to add monthly to this shop, but you know what they say about plans and gods. The shop is due for a major refresh, especially with all the crochet I was able to do since January. When I get around to it, there will surely be a huge update.

Thanks for looking. Thanks for reading. And cheers!

Leveling up in 2014

imageGood morning!

To start, I am happy to announce I have artist alley space at the two upcoming conventions:

Sabakon, April 26-27
Las Vegas, NV
Alexis Park

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con June 20-22
Las Vegas, NV
South Point

As for how life is going, it has been having its ups and downs since the new year began. So far, 2014 had been riddled with health complaints, among other things. I also think about how I’m getting older. But there’s something good about having a less than ideal perspective. Lately I’ve been experimenting with sewing and crafting, playing a lot of video games, and drawing.

I’ve been thinking there are some artistic things I’d like to accomplish, and there will never be a perfect time to start or work on them. I should work on them now, because that’s the only time we can be certain of.

Sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated, especially when things are going well. But now and then, it comes back, and you realize you can’t give up. Stopping is not an option. Your only choice is to keep going.

Events, past and future

Well, I’ve let myself be caught up in a whirlwind of commitments, events and arting! I hardly know where my last two months have gone.

On the agenda for upcoming events, June 14 is the beginning of the Amazing Comic Con Las Vegas. I missed out on getting a table but I will be there to support my fellow local artists. I’m also making plans with my locals to attend Comikaze later in the year. Las Vegas Comic Con is definitely in my plans again as well. Lots to look forward to!

Sabakon back on April 20 was a raging success for me. I had a GREAT time, met lots of awesome people and got to regroup with some old friends as well. As I’m writing this, I realized I haven’t yet told the planners how much fun I had. It’s a solid con that has many experienced people to run the show, and I think it’s a great addition to the anime community here in Las Vegas. I would be overjoyed to do this show again!

I’ve also been attending the RAW shows in Las Vegas lately. It’s always great fun, and I do love the venue, which is currently The Act at the Palazzo. Two stories of a bar that feels like it was MEANT to have artists within.

Boredom Not Allowed: 365 Revisited

thrivis365I’d like to point once again to my tumblr, where I attempt, although not always successfully, to take one picture every day.

On February 28th, I went to a RAW art show at The Act nightclub. Great fun was had. I met lots of awesome artists, and support my friend Carrie. I bought several nice things for myself while I was there.

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Out with the Old, In with the New – A Year in Review

tumblr_mgpb12K4UX1s03lhgo1_12802012 was a good year for me. I can hardly say I’ve had a bad time since the middle of 2011 to be honest. Life has been rather good to me. I’ve received many gifts and opportunities particularly in 2012:

I’ve revisited the convention scene, getting more acquainted with those in my town.

I’ve received opportunities to show my work in other places.

My day job has been steady and enjoyable, my coworkers fantastic.

The love and friends in my life have been good and reliable. And I hope they believe I have been as well.

2012 has also been a year of revisiting. I’ve gotten in touch with people I’ve fell out of touch with. People that have been great influences in my life, and may continue to be.

I have great hopes for 2013. Great plans. Projects. Reconnecting with people that have influenced me, and connecting more with the new influences in my life. Going to more conventions to show my work, and enjoy the work of others that are local. And First Friday! First Friday is a terrific monthly art event I’ve longed to be more a part of.

With that, I welcome the new year, and I hope the new year is a bountiful time for all of us.

Namaste and well met,


365 Photos Challenge

I’ve started the 365 Photo Challenge and created a Tumblr for it.

The challenge consists only of taking a photo everyday for one year. It sounds like it would make a very interesting journal to page through once it’s done. You can read a little more about the idea over here.

The picture to the left is the first photo. It is of the World Market Center in Las Vegas where I attended a friend’s graphic design presentation. The Tumblr for photos is over here.

Anyway, I got things to do now. Thank you for visiting!

Scarce and Busy: New Portfolio for Graphic Design, and Rambling

Goooooood Morning,

For a while, I tried to update every week, however it seems once a month is a lot more comfortable for me.

The last month has been lovely. Las Vegas Comic Expo was AMAZING. I sincerely hope they have it again, and I was pleased with the Riviera convention space. I did VERY well, and already have ideas for next year.  I spent a week in Maui Hawaii on vacation with my fiance and his family. It was a lovely slow moving break from the fast pace my life has been gaining. And this last weekend was Anime Vegas. I usually go for Saturday and Sunday, but I could only make it to Sunday. I’m not sure how I feel about Cashman Center, but I did like that it’s more space than Alexis Park.

In site news, I updated with a new page, a portfolio for Graphic Design. I’ve been meaning to do this for… well, years now, and finally just collected the work and threw it down.

In art stuff, I’m working on a few projects that I actually can’t show the progress on yet. A graphic design mascot, some concept art for a potential comic, and some scripts for hopefully my own novel/comic. I do have some art in the Gallery at EMG-Zine this month though, so have a looksy.

That’s about it for the time being. And now, I have an abysmal email pile-up I need to clean…


One of my favorite celebration type days.

I made this kind of scrapbooky card for two friends at work. Hope they like it. 🙂



I found a whole new way to love you~

So after reading a lot of stuff, and moping around other artists’ websites, I decided to go with a WordPress site for the next permutation of the site.

I had REALLY wanted to redesign anyway, simplify things, and integrate the blog. I had also wanted a blog I could crosspost more easily (blogger is kind of picky about sharing).

from now on, I’ll my WordPress be the blog and main site, and have blog posts mirrored on LJ and Blogger.

I’ll write about the con I went to this past weekend later. Much fun was had. 🙂