Leveling up in 2014

imageGood morning!

To start, I am happy to announce I have artist alley space at the two upcoming conventions:

Sabakon, April 26-27
Las Vegas, NV
Alexis Park

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con June 20-22
Las Vegas, NV
South Point

As for how life is going, it has been having its ups and downs since the new year began. So far, 2014 had been riddled with health complaints, among other things. I also think about how I’m getting older. But there’s something good about having a less than ideal perspective. Lately I’ve been experimenting with sewing and crafting, playing a lot of video games, and drawing.

I’ve been thinking there are some artistic things I’d like to accomplish, and there will never be a perfect time to start or work on them. I should work on them now, because that’s the only time we can be certain of.

Sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated, especially when things are going well. But now and then, it comes back, and you realize you can’t give up. Stopping is not an option. Your only choice is to keep going.

Events, past and future

Well, I’ve let myself be caught up in a whirlwind of commitments, events and arting! I hardly know where my last two months have gone.

On the agenda for upcoming events, June 14 is the beginning of the Amazing Comic Con Las Vegas. I missed out on getting a table but I will be there to support my fellow local artists. I’m also making plans with my locals to attend Comikaze later in the year. Las Vegas Comic Con is definitely in my plans again as well. Lots to look forward to!

Sabakon back on April 20 was a raging success for me. I had a GREAT time, met lots of awesome people and got to regroup with some old friends as well. As I’m writing this, I realized I haven’t yet told the planners how much fun I had. It’s a solid con that has many experienced people to run the show, and I think it’s a great addition to the anime community here in Las Vegas. I would be overjoyed to do this show again!

I’ve also been attending the RAW shows in Las Vegas lately. It’s always great fun, and I do love the venue, which is currently The Act at the Palazzo. Two stories of a bar that feels like it was MEANT to have artists within.

Scarce and Busy: New Portfolio for Graphic Design, and Rambling

Goooooood Morning,

For a while, I tried to update every week, however it seems once a month is a lot more comfortable for me.

The last month has been lovely. Las Vegas Comic Expo was AMAZING. I sincerely hope they have it again, and I was pleased with the Riviera convention space. I did VERY well, and already have ideas for next year.  I spent a week in Maui Hawaii on vacation with my fiance and his family. It was a lovely slow moving break from the fast pace my life has been gaining. And this last weekend was Anime Vegas. I usually go for Saturday and Sunday, but I could only make it to Sunday. I’m not sure how I feel about Cashman Center, but I did like that it’s more space than Alexis Park.

In site news, I updated with a new page, a portfolio for Graphic Design. I’ve been meaning to do this for… well, years now, and finally just collected the work and threw it down.

In art stuff, I’m working on a few projects that I actually can’t show the progress on yet. A graphic design mascot, some concept art for a potential comic, and some scripts for hopefully my own novel/comic. I do have some art in the Gallery at EMG-Zine this month though, so have a looksy.

That’s about it for the time being. And now, I have an abysmal email pile-up I need to clean…

LVCE Update : The Riviera, Table T20

So most folks have heard by now, but the Comic Expo has moved to the Riviera.

The venue change means I have also moved! I will be at Artist Alley Table T20.

Erika Harm T20

Here are some other peeps to check out while you’re there!!!

Comic Oasis 205
Artist’s Comic Collective T11
Justin Newberry T13
Ninjabot, LLC T55
Deryl Skelton T33 (Has agreed to post an ACC Affiliate placard)
Valkyrie Komics T68
Jay Savage T6

New Art: Phoenix, and confirmed for LVCE!!

So a while back, in July I think, there was a contest on Deviantart for a mythological character T-shirt design. I wanted to do a phoenix and didn’t finish in time, the deadline was the week of my vacation, but I finished it much later. I put it up for sale on Zazzle and the drawing was featured in EMG Zine this month.

In other news, I’m super excited I got artist alley space at the Las Vegas Comic Expo this month! I’ll be in T51 in the Zeus room. Some friends of mine will be there too, such as Derrick and the crew from Comic Oasis in booths 40 and 41. I have a lot to get done for the convention, but I think I’ll manage to be ready with everything that weekend. I may or may not cosplay, we’ll see. So excited!

RAW: RADIATE Dusting off!

About this time last thursday, I was putting the finishing touches on my set up for RAW: RADIATE art show. I had a GREAT time. I met TONS of people. I even got invited to two more shows through folks I met, which I’ll throw more details on the website for once there’s more info.

It’s great to see the RAW shows have taken off like they have. I was an exhibition artist at the first RAW in Las Vegas, and as much it was fun, it didn’t have the attention it does now. Downtown galleries were there looking for artists with their flavor. Bloggers were there. Even the artists there seemed to feel more comfortable there even if it was their first show.

I had visited a couple of times while it was at Tommy Rockers, but hadn’t visited as a guest since it moved to Royal House. I’m sure it would be a very different experience! An experiment for next month. 🙂


I’ll be exhibiting at the Royal House (formerly the Royal Resort) in this month’s RAW show, RADIATE.

It’s on August 23rd, and tickets are $10 each and can be purchased through: my profile on the RAW site. Entry is $15 at the door without a pre-purchased ticket.

If you can’t come in person, or live too far away, I’ll send you your choice of three 4×6 prints if you still buy a ticket to support the show. Contact me for more information at thrivis@gmail.com

This would be my second time working with the RAW folks here in Las Vegas, and my fifth time visiting the show. The shows are great fun, and I never leave disappointed. 🙂

Free Comic Book Day and Avengers


Comic Oasis, a lovely comic shop here in Vegas, held a promotional event on Thursday before the Avengers opening at the UA Theater behind the Hard Rock Cafe. They gave out comics, promoted Kick Ass the comic, and assisted with the Stars of Hope donation drive.

I volunteered sketches on blank cover Avengers books for the drive, and by now they’ve probably been raffled off to the folks that donated for a star.

It was suuuper fun. Joe and Derrick from CO are super nice, and made me feel like a rock star. I was allowed to see the movie  complimentary afterwards.

It had been a long time since I’ve seen a movie opening night, I usually avoid it since I’m not a fan of crowds, and I dislike folks thinking they can heckle the movie just because there’s hella people. This was a LOVELY crowd, and everything a midnight movie should be: cheering for the right times, laughing together, and just really there to appreciate the movie we were all there to see. And it was a fan. tastic. movie. It’s been a long time since I’ve wanted to see a movie again THAT NEXT WEEKEND. I dragged my fiance over Red Rock, and he loved it too!!!


Photo taken by Derrick of Comic Oasis.

Saturday, free comic book day, I was invited to come back to the theater and the Hard Rock Cafe, where John Romita Jr was doing a 50 hour marathon of signing and drawing to raise money for Heroes for Jordan, benefiting Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation of Nevada. It was a crazy awesome event!!!

It was an amazing time! JR Jr said some very nice things about my art and gave me some feedback and critique. He was super nice despite being super tired for being up for almost 48 hours at the time. I got some books signed and a KICKASS 2 with a spiderman sketch on it. He signed my volunteer badge too, lol.

Heroes for Jordan is a project by JR jr that once benefited his niece Jordan, who was diagnosed with cancer after her 2nd birthday. She is now a survivor, and the project benefits children like her with childhood cancer. The About Us page on the Heroes for Jordan website has much more information about the event, Jordan, John and Candlelighters and I encourage anyone reading to check them out.

That night, I talked a LOT with Jordan’s parents while I was drawing (the guy in the phot that I’m looking at is her dad). They were SO cool, such amazing people and a beautiful family. I would love to hang out with them again if they happened to be around Vegas for any other events.

All Together Now:

It’s been a long time since something made me THIS excited about art and art events. Friday morning I got two hours of sleep, but I was vibrating with the energy and excitement of the night before ALL DAY. I couldn’t WAIT for Saturday night when I was able to get over there again. I’m so happy I was able to be a part, even just a little one, of such an inspiring event.