Sketchfest Black Friday ACEO Sale

21139_erika_ceasgHello People!!! Hope everyone is really full of food. It is the next day and I’m still stuffed. And I am thankful as HELL SON.

Ellen is running a Black Friday sale for Sketchfest ACEOs. I have some work on pages 3, 5, 6 and 8, and there’s a ton of awesome art by my artists friends that also participate in the monthly sketchfests. I know I’m going to wind up getting a few stocking stuffers myself!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to binge on left overs… Because it’s time to eat.


Into the year 2015


Mermeia, the original holographic WOW

I’m quite happy 2014 is over. A lot of good things happened, but so did some bad, and I’m pleased to put a few of the events behind me. Even so, 2015 has been quick to show me it’s not going to be an easy year either.

As part of my new year rituals, I did winter cleaning, I threw down for a brand new computer (and what a BEAST it is!). I restocked my Etsy store and posted some items on eBay to assist with turning unused items into a resource. I’m also trying to use up supplies I never utilized, and turn stagnation into art.

The pic at the top of this post is a marker painting I did around Christmas, while I was feeling festive. The character is Mermeia. She is the bewildering holographic fantasy in the Star Wars Holiday Special – a truly horrible movie I will love forever because of the Rifftrax cover. Happy Life Day!

Kickstarter: Fantasy Coloring Books (So Called) Adults

fa0393bb6b91fafc0acceb498343c248_largeEllen Million is running a Kickstarter campaign for coloring books, of which I have a few pieces in. I’m actually on the cover of Fishpond Fantasies, which is the new mermaid theme coloring book.

Fantasy Coloring Books for (so-called) Grown-ups is a growing suite of highly detailed coloring books intended for adults to enjoy. Ellen’s been publishing these for a long time, and they’re all very cool stuff. Check it out and fund a stretch goal!



Sketchfest, giving thanks and Etsy Coupon

Good morning peoples.

I had a great Thanksgiving. Many thanks were given for family, friends, love and the nice things I have in my life. This isn’t the only time of year I like to reflect on all the good things I have to be grateful for.

Anywho, Sketchfest is happening and I’m participating. Go on over this weekend and join the sketchy fun. My favorite prompt so far is Black Friday Zombie… which wasn’t too hard to imagine!!

I’ll be putting up sketches and ink drawings for sale at my Sketchfest page and my Etsy shop. Etsy shoppers can use the coupon code TURKEY in my shop to save 20% off on art and prints. This coupon will be active through November 30.

Sketches and ink drawings from this weekend so far are below the cut. And as usual, thank you for visiting!

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New Art: Phoenix, and confirmed for LVCE!!

So a while back, in July I think, there was a contest on Deviantart for a mythological character T-shirt design. I wanted to do a phoenix and didn’t finish in time, the deadline was the week of my vacation, but I finished it much later. I put it up for sale on Zazzle and the drawing was featured in EMG Zine this month.

In other news, I’m super excited I got artist alley space at the Las Vegas Comic Expo this month! I’ll be in T51 in the Zeus room. Some friends of mine will be there too, such as Derrick and the crew from Comic Oasis in booths 40 and 41. I have a lot to get done for the convention, but I think I’ll manage to be ready with everything that weekend. I may or may not cosplay, we’ll see. So excited!

For Sale: Commissions and Etsy

Gooood morning!

I’ve updated Etsy with a handful of prints, original art cards and print cards. There are also some items marked down for clearance. Here’s a sampling:

Etsy Shop: Your section ID is invalid.

I am also posting some small manageable commissions after the cut if anyone is interested in custom art from me. Thank you for looking!

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Anime Con this Weekend, new art, new merch

A few updates here and there.

This next weekend, September 2-4, is Animeland Makiba. I’ll be in the artist alley, though I’ll unfortunately be absent most of Friday, but I’ll be there in the evening after work and all day Saturday and Sunday.

I posted new merch in the Zazzle store. New items include the following designs: Flower Path, Twin Worlds Space dragon, Curling Leaves, and a bunch of designs had ipod/iphone cases added.

I leave you now with a self portrait on Deviantart.

Sushi Love

This was going to be for Illustration Friday, Layer, but I goofed up and ended up being too late for it.

I loooove sushi.

This is in marker and pen. Haven’t used markers in a while.

The original is available on Etsy.

And goofy stuff is available on Zazzle.

Minor Update!

I redesigned the Licensed Gifts section and updated the links!

• EMG Fantasy Art Shop
This shop will be closed for the month of May, and many items will be unavailable after that, so check out what’s left before it’s gone! Coloring books are totally on sale, two of which I’m in. 🙂

• Sketchbook #1
I added a link to IndyPlanet’s store for my book. I will have copies available at Wondercon this weekend – though they’ll be $5 at the con (signed) and $10 with a nifty sketch card.

• Rabbit Valley
From now on, anthropomorphic art prints will be sold through the fine folks at Rabbit Valley!
I’m in the process of adding art to my account over the next couple of months so it’s up to date – but the newest and fan favorites are already there!