A New Art: Huginn, and Starting a Comic


One of the things I’ve always wanted to do was start a webcomic. I’ve started one up at MissHarm.com, and it’s linked on the side of the main website. So far there are two strips. I’m going to shoot for updates every other friday. I know I tried every friday once before a long time ago, and I couldn’t hit a stride with it, so I’m hoping this is a better pace.

It’s going to be journal based, about things that happen, or things I think about. Lots of geeky humor, and probably lots of sci-fi or fantasy references. The strip pictured here is a sample of insanity to come.

In other news, I finished a piece I started sometime last year. It’s got tits, so it’ll be under the cut. Click to read further.

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Out with the Old, In with the New – A Year in Review

tumblr_mgpb12K4UX1s03lhgo1_12802012 was a good year for me. I can hardly say I’ve had a bad time since the middle of 2011 to be honest. Life has been rather good to me. I’ve received many gifts and opportunities particularly in 2012:

I’ve revisited the convention scene, getting more acquainted with those in my town.

I’ve received opportunities to show my work in other places.

My day job has been steady and enjoyable, my coworkers fantastic.

The love and friends in my life have been good and reliable. And I hope they believe I have been as well.

2012 has also been a year of revisiting. I’ve gotten in touch with people I’ve fell out of touch with. People that have been great influences in my life, and may continue to be.

I have great hopes for 2013. Great plans. Projects. Reconnecting with people that have influenced me, and connecting more with the new influences in my life. Going to more conventions to show my work, and enjoy the work of others that are local. And First Friday! First Friday is a terrific monthly art event I’ve longed to be more a part of.

With that, I welcome the new year, and I hope the new year is a bountiful time for all of us.

Namaste and well met,


Show and Tell Friday: Hammer and Wheat

So, a few weeks ago, I drew this. Then I burned it.

I usually don’t take pictures of sacrifices, let alone share them, but I felt like sharing some of what I do to honor my spirituality.

I draw pictures of symbols sacred to the powers I’d like to gain favor with, or show appreciation to. I start the drawings knowing I will be putting them into a fire, so I’m not making something I’d be worried about preserving.

I like watching the art for sacrifice burn. Fire transforms it, taking all the soul of the thing away and putting it into wind and earth. I can think of no better way to send something to another realm of reality. It’s leaving my domain and entering the realm to whom I dedicate it to.

I don’t feel bad burning art created for this purpose because that is the purpose. It’s meant to leave this place and go elsewhere. I feel similarly when I draw for someone else as a gift or a trade. That piece is leaving me – once it’s out of my hands, I really don’t have any control over its fate. Whether the person cares for it, or loses it, is really out of my hands. The fact I gave them the piece, and the fact they enjoyed it, is what’s important to me.

Gifts are important in my spirituality. Friendship isn’t about owing someone, or keeping tabs, but… more about building a bond through gifts and support. So to completely and entirely give over a gift in sacrifice… to me, that is the highest way I can honor my Lord and Lady.

From the Gods to the Earth to Us,
From Us to the Earth to the Gods,
A Gift for a Gift

Show and Tell Friday: Tattoo!

I got me a tattoo.

The original design is the last picture in this entry: on the left is my sketch, and the right is the tattoo artist’s clean up and streamline version. And, of course, the one on my flesh is the final product! it’s on my ankle.

It’s the Hammer of Thor, with a stick of wheat and a red jewel to represent his wife, Sif, who has done wonderful things for my life. 🙂 So this is a tribute to my faith and a physical manifestation of my professing.

I’ve never had a tattoo. I was afraid it would hurt so much I would cry or puke or something. It didn’t. He started on the far left, and I thought that wasn’t so bad. But when he got towards my ankle bone, that hurt something fierce. And the line art hurts more than the shading I think, because lineart is a million needles in a tiny area. Shading is the same number, but spread out.

So yup. That’s my experience. I enjoyed it a lot. I love the result. I think it’s beautiful, and I’m already thinking about what will be the next tattoo for the other ankle. 🙂

2010 Review and 2011 Oath Ring

Truth be told, 2010 kind of sucked for me.

There were plenty of good times. But there were some brand new lows. I was unemployed for more than I’d care to admit. All the employment I did manage to get was temp work. There was a month where I was full time, doing marketing, but the job made me… so so unhappy I quit. I struggled with some health issues that had seemed to have no real cause and had vanished as mysteriously as they had appeared. Another health issue has been following me on and off ALL YEAR, and still remains today. My art output tapered to nothing most months because of the health issues and work (or lack there-of) stress. I lost interest completely in my spirituality for a while, and completely stopped doing exercise. Finally, since I had a difficult financial year, I won’t be able to make any of my out-of-state convention trips. 2011 will be the first Further Confusion I miss since 2002. I’ve gone to that convention every year since high school.

So for this next year, I definitely have points I want to improve upon.

I think a lot of the problems I had was that I was focusing on a goal, rather than better habits to get those goals. I’ve always had trouble planning things out, even though I kind of do like planning things. Thing is, it’s hard to plan things out when there’s just… so much that kept changing last year. But whatever change there was, I probably should have changed with it. I let a lot of things that went wrong get to me, and bother me, and completely slow me down. That needs to… not happen anymore. Ha.

In spirituality news…

I made an Oath Ring the last week of 2010 and professed myself to the Aesir and Vanir of the Asatru. I had never professed. I had made a promise in college to study Heathenism, and not pledge until I was certain it was the only path, because to profess is to pledge exclusive loyalty and faith. I have studied and meditated, and I do believe this is the path for me. All the values taught by Asatru resonate with me. I’ve prayed and sacrificed, and the spirits and gods respond. I know, without a doubt, that many gods and powers live in the world – but these are the gods that walk with me and guide me.

On this Oath Ring I will swear all my sacred promises on – beginning with my most important resolutions for this year. Beginning with revitalize my art, draw my comic projects I’ve put off, reconnect with my inner self, and exercise my outer self.

Show and Tell Friday: New Art

So the other day when I was trying to get my shit together, I was looking at the files of recent art. I was surprised to see I hadn’t done much new art in the past 4 months. Not just “gee, I hadn’t thought about it” surprised but “seriously, shit is missing” surprised.

And I realized, art WAS missing, in so far as I didn’t have a scan or a picture of some of them. It wasn’t missing in that I knew exactly where they went. So I took a picture, and here it is.

This is where they went – into a fire. This is a small tin I use to burn offerings in. These are the remnants of the recent burning. They are offerings to my path, and the deities I pledge faith to.

For someone that usually archives and re-archives art on an almost obsessive compulsive basis, it was a weird feeling realizing I sort of didn’t “back it up” this time.

I didn’t intend to make copies, to share, in the first place – I wanted to give them straight over as soon as I was done drawing them, surrender the piece in immediacy. I burned them in the spirit that they were a private gift, and something I could never go back on. The first time I ever burned a piece, three months ago, it was hard to do. I half wanted to keep it, but it was a promised piece, I pledged it before I started it – and my faith respects pledges as forever binding. But watching it burn was an amazing feeling too. Watching the thin line of the ember crawl across the paper, sucking the color out of it and leaving white ash behind. The art really does transmute under fire. It becomes the shell that carried the soul, and the soul is in it’s destination now. It’s going to the next realm, to serve new masters – and that is my highest wish for a piece in offering.

I usually look at my archives to remember what I’ve drawn, so not having a scan of those pieces kind of does feel like a gap in my time line because my headcount is off. But I don’t feel bad not “saving” them first – they don’t need to be saved, they are exactly where they need to be.