Getting back in the Saddle

2015-SFMay-unimushGood morning!

2015’s start was not good to me, in all honesty. I had several health related curve balls that stole my energy and my time for about three months. Some of that is still lingering now, but I’m making the adjustments to deal and keep going. It’s time to resume work on comics, illustrations, and all around bad assness.

The picture of the Unicorn and the board with several more drawings¬†is what I was able to get done for the last Sketchfest (most are for sale until the next sketchfest). I’m happy I was able to participate, and do, you know, more than ONE drawing. The catch is that they’re very small, and colored mostly with highlighters. Working with what’s available, when it’s available.

2015MaySFJust wanted to get a post in this month, showing I’m no longer stagnating. I’m still pushing, I’m still making stuff, and I’m still trying to get my dreams what they need to become real. It just takes time and energy I’ve not had lately.

Etsy still has items up for sale. One of my initial New Year’s resolutions was to add monthly to this shop, but you know what they say about plans and gods. The shop is due for a major refresh, especially with all the crochet I was able to do since January. When I get around to it, there will surely be a huge update.

Thanks for looking. Thanks for reading. And cheers!

Sketchfest, giving thanks and Etsy Coupon

Good morning peoples.

I had a great Thanksgiving. Many thanks were given for family, friends, love and the nice things I have in my life. This isn’t the only time of year I like to reflect on all the good things I have to be grateful for.

Anywho, Sketchfest is happening and I’m participating. Go on over this weekend and join the sketchy fun. My favorite prompt so far is Black Friday Zombie… which wasn’t too hard to imagine!!

I’ll be putting up sketches and ink drawings for sale at my Sketchfest page and my Etsy shop. Etsy shoppers can use the coupon code TURKEY in my shop to save 20% off on art and prints. This coupon will be active through November 30.

Sketches and ink drawings from this weekend so far are below the cut. And as usual, thank you for visiting!

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Go big or go home

I got myself an easel, board and big paper last night and dicked around with oil pastels, markers and vodka. Much fun was had.

It was nice to draw in a medium I hadn’t used in a good long while, but I’m not a fan of oil pastels. They’re kind of messy, and I feel like I have to strong arm them to blend them the way I want them.

I switched to marker pretty quick. I found these big fat sharpie markers in our office. I love the bold and irreversible marks of markers.

It felt freeing to draw on wider pages, to use arms more than hands, but drawing so huge is definitely going to be a rare thing.

Ever since college, teachers and sometimes other artists would tell me I should draw bigger. I never really understood this. I like big as a change of pace, an exercise, but I’ve never been fond of large work as a finished product. I can’t work on big things just anywhere. I can’t store them just anywhere. They’re cumbersome, and all around less fun to me.

I like small. I like baseball card sizes, and art that fits neatly within 8.5 x 11 or smaller. I can store it anywhere, it’s so easy to take with me.

I think that’s enough mildly drunken rambling for now. Next post will probably be after the convention at the beginning of March.