Into the year 2015


Mermeia, the original holographic WOW

I’m quite happy 2014 is over. A lot of good things happened, but so did some bad, and I’m pleased to put a few of the events behind me. Even so, 2015 has been quick to show me it’s not going to be an easy year either.

As part of my new year rituals, I did winter cleaning, I threw down for a brand new computer (and what a BEAST it is!). I restocked my Etsy store and posted some items on eBay to assist with turning unused items into a resource. I’m also trying to use up supplies I never utilized, and turn stagnation into art.

The pic at the top of this post is a marker painting I did around Christmas, while I was feeling festive. The character is Mermeia. She is the bewildering holographic fantasy in the Star Wars Holiday Special – a truly horrible movie I will love forever because of the Rifftrax cover. Happy Life Day!

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