Guested on Geek Lounge, and a Harpy

Long time no see. 2015 finally stopped stepping on my neck, and I’ve really been having a much better year in 2016. Kind of laid off a lot of my non-job endeavors to recharge from the year before.

I had the pleasure of guesting on the Geek Lounge podcast. Which can be found below. It’s always inspiring to hang out with my friends in games, science fiction and fantasy.

Geek Lounge: Episode 4
Geek Galaxy Site

I realized there were some pieces from last year I hadn’t shared. So here is the Habsburg Harpy. A gift for friend Vatenkeist to put on his ship sail in Arche Age, when our circle was actually playing it. There are a few more… I come and go in cycles.

Warning: Mythological Lady Nudity Below the Cut!!


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